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M17® - Essential creme

Discover the M17® essential cream product line

In the beautiful land of Calabria, where nature and tradition blend harmoniously, the vision of M17 was born. From a small dream to an established reality in the world of natural cosmetics.


M17® - Essential creme

The soul of Calabria reflected on your skin

authentic Calabrian tradition meets the innovation of modern cosmetics. Explore our fine selection of creams and cosmetic products, created with love and craftsmanship in the heart of Calabria.

M17 collection for the

M17 collection for the

M17 collection

The M17® Collection


The M17® brand.

Discover the exclusivity of the M17 cosmetics line, a unique combination of precious and refined ingredients that awaken the soul, stimulate the mind and warm the heart. In creating each M17 product, we carefully selected the finest ingredients from the Calabrian territory in the Ionian area.

Our formula includes delicate jasmine, intense blood orange, nourishing olive oil, juicy prickly pear and invigorating bergamot.

M17 – essential cream | Discover Your Natural Beauty Cream with calabria Beauty Cream in the Sign of Natural Ingredients and the Fresh Scent of Bergamot. Beauty cream calabria


Natural Ingredients for Radiant Skin – M17 essential cream


Shine with the Freshness of Bergamot – M17 essential cream

Welcome to the world of natural beauty with our exceptional beauty cream formulated with natural ingredients. Our cream is a symphony of plant extracts and essential oils that work in harmony to revitalize your skin. With the citrusy freshness of bergamot, each application is a pampering for the senses. Choose your beauty cream with natural ingredients and let your authentic beauty shine.